• After choosing EMC treatment I have the ability to turn the clock back

    Zikrayat Al Esri

  • The center provides me with the highest quality and most appropriate care possible

    Safa Al Wahaibi

  • the expert from EMC brought freshness to my skin and smile on my face

    Rima al sajwani

  • The expert medical team a highly qualified staff has given me confidence

    Mohammed Al Balushi

  • After treating myself with laser hair removal sessions, I do not remember my last visit to the barbers shop

    Mohamed Al Sobhy

  • The result with EMC treatment will make you wonder if it is a dream or a reality

    Asma'a Imran

  • EMC stands for privacy, and this is the reason why I choose the center

    Areej Al Balushi

  • I always value this center as one of the best center in Oman

    Mostafa Al Lawati

  • The Center's experience of more than 17 years has made them gain my trust

    Mona Al Khusaibi

  • Everyone noticed the brightness of my skin but no one knows the secret of it.

    Khadija Al Lawati

  • EMC played an important role to improve my confidence and appearance

    Dr. Sami Al Zadjali

  • Experience specialists and elegant staff in dealing makes the center to the forefront

    Al Sayyida Basma Al Said

  • After treating myself with laser hair removal sessions, I get rid from acne and blackness

    Mohammed Al Mamari

  • The patient rep gave me all the details about laser hair removal. The hospitality and treatment were very elegant.

    Fatma Al Nabhani

  • Great hospitality, I got all the information I need in a clear way they answered all my questions.

    Hamoud Al Azri

  • I visited EMC to do peeling for my face and I noticed the difference after the session immediately.

    Jaifar Al Khabori

  • The consultation was great the patient rep explained all the details for a successful treatment.

    Khalid Al Siyabi

  • In my visit to EMC I noticed the good hospitality and explanation of the treatment. The treatment was simple and pain free. I thank the staff for their help.


  • The consultation was very clear, I got all the help I need. The process of opening a file was fast.

    Ola Fouad

  • I heard about EMC from the radio. I searched in the internet about it and when I visited it, the service was great.

    Raya Al Habsi

  • I honestly liked the reception and the smile from your staff. The consultation was clear. The patient rep was patient and answering all of our questions. I feel comfortable in the center and I feel like I know them long back ago.

    Sana'a Al Akhzami

  • I have been treated at EMC and I got the result that I wanted so I continued my treatment with them. I thank you EMC for all what you gave me and I wish you all the best.

    Wafa Al Balushi

  • Reception, hospitality and treatment were excellent. The technician treated me with elegance and I got advices before and after the session from the patient representative.


  • I like the advices that the doctor gave me regarding my hair and scalp, I really thank him for the advices and I will work on it. I wish you all the success.

    Mohammed Al Jabri

  • After I visited EMC, I noticed the good care they gave to the patients and the full information provided by the patient rep.

    Abdulla Al Kiyumi

  • I visited EMC and the patient rep started to guide and encourage me to do the laser. The session was painless.

    Jarrah Al Hooti

  • Elegancy, organisation, good treatment and the staff, this is what i liked at EMC. I wish you all the best.

    Khalifa Al Balushi

  • The hospitality of the staff was great, because it makes the patient feel safe and comfortable. Also the treatment was very effective and the patient representative gave me all the information needed.

    Muhannad Al Amri

  • The ladies at the reception are very welcoming with their big smile and I wish you all the best.

    Mustafa Al Wahaibi

  • EMC is one of the best centers I have ever been treated in. They have special treatment and very professional medical team. I am satisfied about the services and I thank the patient representative for giving me all needed information.

    Sami Al Balushi

  • EMC are pioneers in skin health in oman

    Buthaina Al Raisi

  • I would like to thank the patient rep for the hospitality and the information

    Amal Al Hilali

  • The patient rep gave me all the information I needed and it was very clear.

    Dr. Nasser Al Taee