Meso Glow

  • 08 Aug, 2013
  • Anti Aging Treatments

What is Meso Glow?
Meso Glow is a form of Mesotherapy where small amounts of different medicines are injected in areas of the face resulting in facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and a reversal of age related damage.

What are the components in Meso Glow injections?
Supplementation is an important aspect of health and skin care as it can often provide elements that your body is lacking or has lost. Supplements can contribute to an overall program that can help your skin concerns from the inside out. However, if your nutritional internal absorption is impaired or the vascular circulation in your skin is compromised from age, smoking, sun damage, etc., then injecting nourishing compounds may be exactly what your skin needs.

It can greatly enhance your body's ability to rejuvenate your skin in a much shorter time period. This solution is a cocktail of vitamins. Your skin naturally contains these ingredients, but in higher quantities when you were younger. We inject these compounds directly into the skin to quickly rejuvenate it.

How many Meso Glow treatments are required before I see results?
It depends on the patient's skin. The majority of patients start to see results after one treatment session while others will see noticeable results after three treatments.

We need to maintain number of session depending on the skin condition and doctors advice. Generally, for the rejuvenation of your skin, the average patient requires six treatments. However, if your lines are very deep, additional treatments may be needed. After each treatment, you will notice continued improvement in your wrinkles and the quality of your skin. Your skin feels tighter, more hydrated and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines start to fade quickly.

What are the side effects?
This is a safe procedure has few side effects like bruising and swelling. The bruises usually fade within one week.

Can anyone receive Meso Glow treatments?
Anyone with the following conditions, should not be treated with Meso Therapy:
• Pregnant/Lactating Women
• Known Allergies to Injection Ingredients
• Active Skin Condition (herpes, eczema, cold sores, etc.

Is Meso Glow painful?
There is no discomfort with the Meso Glow application when a topical anesthetic is applied.

Can I go back to work after the treatment?
Yes. However, you will have a slight redness to the skin immediately post procedure that should dissipate after 12 hours. It is at your discretion if you should go back to work that day. You must avoid heat for eight hours after a treatment as it tends to cause a throbbing sensation to the treated area.

How long do the benefits last?
The benefits of Meso Glow skin rejuvenation can be long lasting. If you wear your sunblock on a daily basis, eat right, take care of yourself, the affects can last up to a year. Others may need a booster treatment in six months.